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Born Free Safaris and Tours
Safaris, Tours and Travel to Africa for 35 Years

Why Travel With Born Free?

Dear Traveler,

Each of our safaris and tours are created from our own travel experiences, which have become part of our hearts and souls and then transformed into unforgettable journeys. Trips must unfold like a story and not just go from place to place. We strive to excite, surprise, amaze and open new vistas.
South African Safaris You will not only see but experience Africa. All of your senses will come alive as you listen to the sounds, feel the rhythm of the land and see the colors and textures. We will take you to places that many do not, and expose you to the heart of the land.

All of our safaris and tours must meet our strict standards. They must offer the best opportunities for game viewing and sightseeing. They must be expertly paced. They must meet your specific expectations, be appropriate for the time of year you are traveling and be a good value. Our standards are high and are reflected in each and every trip.

In this age, we wonder what is most valued. Tangible items are no longer as important as they once were. What we are looking for is experience – memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.
Today’s traveler wants to take an active role in creating these experiences rather then just being an observer. Beyond simply taking a journey, it is letting the journey take you.

We hope you will consider Born Free as your partner in creating your dream trip to Africa. I would be happy to speak with you personally regarding your plans.

Alana Hayden
President, Born Free, Inc.
Founder – Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa
Born Free is a fully insured, United States corporation, with US bank accounts.

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Born Free Safaris began creating trips for the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal. This foundation was the fundraising arm for Joy Adamson, the author of the book and movie Born Free. In the early days, each trip met with Joy and travelers heard her many wonderful stories of her life with the lions and in the bush. After her death, Born Free continued raising funds and planning trips to Africa. The company was also proud to be the national safari company for Scandinavian Airlines, a major airline into Africa throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

The President of Born Free Safaris, Alana Hayden, founded the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa (APTA) in 1980 and wrote the first true guidebook on traveling to Africa for the APTA organization. This became the model for many other guidebooks, and the go-to book for travel industry professionals. APTA is an organization that educates travel professionals on what Africa has to offer and how to select the best safari for the traveler. APTA is now worldwide and has over a thousand safari professionals as its members. This is a testament to our level of knowledge of not only the details of specific countries, but also the ways that a traveler can best see the continent’s riches.

A trip to Africa must be more than ‘just places’: it must be organized in the proper manner to provide the best game viewing for the time of year that one travels. In some cases, the Serengeti may not be the best place to go due to the seasonal animal migration. Yes, you have heard of it for years, but if the game is weak – then it not the place to go.

Not all safaris are the same, even if place names or accommodations are the same. Actual locations and accessibility must be considered. Other logistics to be considered include the pacing of each day; the next day’s travel; and avoiding aimless, long drives which take away from valued sightseeing and game viewing time.

Born Free has the experience to plan just such a trip. We remain flexible, open and forward-thinking so that your safari can run seamlessly and afford you the best value for your budget and time.

Born Free Safaris has the advantage of private corporate ownership, allowing us to provide personal service and flexibility at all times. Our travelers are never just a number. Born Free gives you unparalleled attention, reliability and consistency from your first call to your return home.

Born Free Safaris adheres to a policy of giving back to the community, and involves travelers with the local people in some form. Born Free and our associates are welcomed in communities as friends, employers and colleagues.

Many of the properties we select for our trips are on leased land from the Masai. Portions of the nightly tariff go directly back to the villages. The Born Free traveler makes a positive, personal contribution when staying at selected properties that are located throughout the Africa.

A day, a week or more – whatever the time you can give, we will match your skill set and interests to a school, hospital or orphanage that needs you. We will gladly arrange for a short stay during a private journey, or at the beginning or end of one of our scheduled safaris.

One of our favorite projects is the Masai village located in the Siana Conservancy in Kenya, as well as The Nest in Nairobi (www.thenesthome.com). In Botswana, Born Free is extremely active in the Children in the Wilderness program. www.childreninthewilderness.com

We are very excited to see the advances many of the lodges have made to be eco-friendly. We do our best to use as many as these properties as possible. Staying eco-friendly is a way of preserving this precious and delicate area. We recognize that it takes constant innovation and education to lessen our impact on the environment. Thus, we are always seeking to improve our in-house efforts, our guides’ knowledge and using those properties that do their best to minimally impact their areas.

Our world is diverse, wonderful and delicate. We have a responsibility to preserve our world and its treasures for future generations. Born Free has seen many changes over the years, and actually, changes that are good. Even though tourism has increased, so has the understanding of what is needed to sustain Africa and what it has to offer. When we began planning safaris we were surprised how the guides would pick up a piece of paper in the Serengeti, or the respect they had for the wildlife. But there was still abuse of the land, the wildlife and even of the people.

We are excited to be a part of a new respect for the lands and people we visit. We are excited to see that lodge and transport owners have made huge strides in greening the lodges and vehicles. Born Free has always had a policy of sharing with to the local communities, but now we can give back to communities by booking lodges that give a portion of each night’s tariff to villagers.

As tour operators we do what we can. We must be aware of the impact that our trips have on the environment and the people we meet. As part of our responsibility, we must make sure our guides and our travelers also practice responsible tourism. We strive to minimize the impact of travel on the indigenous people and landscape; to conserve the unique environments and cultures; and to enhance the communities that we visit.