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Types of Accommodation

Africa offers a wide array of fabulous accommodations – from luxurious hotels to premium camps to rustic hideaways. The accommodation can be as much a part of the experience as the destination. Born Free selects hotels and lodges based on their proximity to the best wildlife viewing sites, and also considers the property's views, compatibility with the natural surroundings, friendliness of the staff, travelers' needs, food quality and cleanliness.

A trip can combine many types of properties depending on your comfort level, itinerary and budget.

Mobile Tented Camps Mobile Tented Camps

Truly the African safari of yesteryear! You are catered to by a personal camp staff. Camps are setup in private, remote areas in the top game viewing locations, away from the tour circuit. This is the exhilarating experience that enraptured Hemingway, Finch-Hatton and Roosevelt. Born Free Safaris provides the widest range of mobile camping standards available in Africa from deluxe camps to simple fly-camping. The best mobile tenting can be done in Tanzania and Botswana.
Seasonal Tented Camps Seasonal Tented Camps

Seasonal camps or semi-permanent properties will typically move every few months accroding to the expected wildlife movements. An excellent value designed to offer the experience of the mobile camp to the traveler who may only want to stay a few nights in a camp. The campsites are small and sleeping tents are large, with very comfortable furnishings and proper camp toilet facilities, including hot and cold water. A dining tent and often a lounge or library tent are also provided.
Permanent Tented Camps Permanent Tented Camps

The feel of a safari of yesteryear but with all the conveniences of a lodge. Typically canvas walls built on wooden or concrete floors. Bathrooms are en-suite with plumbed facilities. They may or may not have full electricity, generator power or partial solar energy. Most camps have a large public area including dining room and lounge. It is not unusual for camps to have a swimming pool. This is not roughing it in anyway. Camps are generally more expensive then lodges.
Hotels Hotels

Hotels are used in city locations and vary from gracious colonial-type hotels on spacious grounds to ultra-modern facilities. There is a wide range of styles and standards. Though a international star rating has not been adapted throughout Africa, we deal with three to five star standards that can accommodate both needs and budgets.
Bush Estates and Bush Homes Bush Estates and Bush Homes

One of the great charms of Africa is staying in a privately owned hideaway. Many afford the traveler opportunities to take bush walks, night drives, horseback rides or camel treks. Elegant estates and inns offer a wonderful way to meet people, taste local gourmet cuisine and enjoy warm, friendly hospitality. They range from simple to quite elaborate in design.
Safari Bush Lodges Safari Bush Lodges

Located in the game parks and surrounding areas, bush lodges vary dramatically in size and style but are generally much bigger than the bush estates or tented camps. There is a wide range of establishments in this category and like hotels, will range from ultimate in luxury to simple and best in the area; however they generally feature a high comfort level, unique construction and blend with the environment. Always be sure your accommodation in the bush is well placed for the time of year you are traveling.
Conservancy Properties Conservancy Properties

Built on community leased land, providing income to the local people – these lodges and camps vary from simple to very deluxe. Guests benefit by being away from the high density routes and being able to take walks, night drives and in some areas use open sided vehicles on game drives.
Premium Properties Premium Properties

Africa has a wealth of fabulous, over-the-top accommodations. They are generally fully inclusive of everything from laundry to liquor and hold a limited number of guests. The bedroom facilities are designed for more than just sleeping – many feature outside decks, private plunge pools, in-room dining, private butlers and more. The food is gourmet and in many of these properties there are wine cellars and award winning chefs.
Inns and Small Hotels Inns and Small Hotels

Usually less then 15 rooms, these properties provide exclusivity and personalized service. They can range in style from homey and comfortable to luxurious.