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No matter where you travel in Africa, your transportation will be of key importance. There are many types of vehicles that are used on safaris. Depending on where you will be going on safari, the vehicles will range from open on the sides, to closed with photographic hatches. The majority of vehicles used on Born Free Safaris are 4 x 4 Land Cruisers with large photographic hatches. These vehicles will be 7 or 9 seaters with guaranteed window seats. In some areas and fly-in safari destinations we use open sided vehicles where possible. Always be sure that you know what type of vehicle(s) are used on your safari and how many guests will be in each vehicle.
HATCH TOP SAFARI VEHICLES Africa Safari Transportation Vehicles
  OPEN SAFARI VEHICLES African Tours & Travels Open vehicles can be great fun. They will sometimes have a sun canopy on the top. They offer great visibility and provide unobstructed photography opportunities in all directions. In the Southern African countries, open vehicles are almost exclusively used. In East Africa, they are only recommended in the fly-in camps (when available), not all areas permit open sided vehicles. The areas also tend to be duster and not as comfortable for the traveler.
  SAFARI & TOURING VANS On some of the “Value Safaris” we will use safari vans, but they will still have the photographic hatch. These vehicles are also used for transfers and where 4 x 4’s are not necessary such as northern Kenya or while touring South Africa. They are actually more comfortable then the Land Cruisers. You will be guaranteed a window seats on all our trips. We will never cramp you into a large, uncomfortable tour bus. All vehicles meet our stringent standards and undergo rigorous inspection and continuous maintenance.
FLYING SAFARIS Kilimanjaro Trip Flight Flying from one area to another is a fantastic way to travel. Not only do you avoid long drives, but the ‘flight seeing’ opportunities are great; such as over the Okavango Delta or down the Great Rift Valley. Flights are typically done in small planes, from 5-30 seats. Bush pilots are excellent and constantly updated on their abilities. Planes are extremely well maintained. This is the most efficient mode of travel in Botswana and Zimbabwe. In East Africa, we do suggest some road travel as the country is quite beautiful and there are villages to visit and people to meet. Flying in Africa between camps is as easy as taking a cab. Airstrips are close to the camps and no hassle access. When you do fly from camp to camp, you will have a new area specialist guide who will host you during your stay. The advantage of this is that you will have a guide that will know the wildlife movement intimately in his designated area.
RENTING A CAMPER or VEHICLE Driving yourself can be economical and rewarding. That said, we only recommend self-drive in South Africa and Namibia. We will gladly help you plan your self-drive holiday. We encourage self-drive in the Cape Town area. Camper rentals in Namibia can be a true adventure. We will gladly assist you in creating an itinerary.