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Born Free Safaris and Tours
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Groups, Private, Custom and Independent Journeys

What is the difference between Set Groups, Private, Custom & Independent Journeys?

All Born Free Safari & Tours will include a local host, excellent guides, pick up at the airports, drop-off at hotels and the services of a United States Tour Consultant. No matter which type of trip you choose – there are always chances to meet local people and travelers along the way. Our set departures can include people from all over the world. Born Free tries to include special visits and tours even on every type of trip that we recommend.

GROUP SET DEPARTURES – This is a trip where there are particular departure dates, require a minimum number of travelers, and you join other guests for multiple days.

The main advantage of Group Set Departures will be the chance to be with one or two groups during your journey. Group trips will vary in size from one vehicle to many vehicles. They generally caravan and stay together during the trip. Itineraries are set with little variations. It is very important to check the maximum amount of guests in a vehicle and not only will you be guaranteed a window seat but access to the roof hatch. Group set departures are guaranteed in most cases with a minimum of two bookings. Some of the ‘Value’ group departures will not include as many game drives or activities as the Born Free specialty trips. We do always guarantee a window seat. Group trips are not necessarily less expensive then private trips!! The main advantage of the group safari is the chance to socialize and stay with one or two cohesive groups during the trip.

BORN FREE SPECIAL JOURNEYS – These trips have been designed especially for and by Born Free. You can take the trips as is and join a monthly departure or you can take them on a private basis. These trips are guaranteed once they are confirmed to you. Some of the trips have designated departure dates. Please see tariffs for detailed information on each trip.

CUSTOMIZED, PRIVATE & INDEPENDENT JOURNEYS – This type of trip is designed to meet your particular interests. They do not have to cost more then a set group trip. Most groups are based on four guests traveling together. Touring sizes may vary from totally private vehicles to flying to tented camps and doing game drives with a few other guests.

An INDEPENDENT TRIP might include a few days on your own on a self-drive segment, then joining a small group for a day tour and adding a multi-day guaranteed small group departure.

A PRIVATE JOURNEY or CUSTOM TRIP is one that has been designed for you and your friends and family. It can consist of segments that totally private and other areas you may join other guests for activities. This will be up to you and your requirements.

A truly PRIVATE trip will be exclusive use of your own vehicle and guide. This type of trip has great advantages for those who enjoy independent travel, are serious photographers, or taking children.

Born Free Africa Travel Specialists are here to assist you with selecting the right type of trip. Born Free Safaris & Tours is successful because the participant plays an active role in planning the trip around the travel time, comfort level and budget. There will be an exchange of ideas and this will be incorporated by Born Free to come as close to expectations as possible.