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What is a Realistic Budget for Travel to Africa?

For inclusive safaris (air and land) consider a starting point of $6000 per person for a 12 days trip, and then up from there. If you do not mind longer drives, moderate accommodations, you maybe able to drop that price point to $5500. The more you spend on safari the more diverse your experience will be. Fancy is not necessary but the more expensive properties generally present more opportunities for unlimited activities such as night drives, walks, village visits. Ambiance is not always the most important item on higher priced trips. The more off-the-beaten path you get, generally the higher the cost! And, off-the-beaten path, is not necessary an adventure property but can be considered some of Africa’s Finest.

Lower cost trips are available for places such as South Africa, where you can do a self-drive or go on a small coach tour and take advantage of many specials. Egypt also offers many bargains in low season. West Africa is not inexpensive and cannot be done ‘on the cheap’.

If you find trip that hundreds of dollars lower then an equivalent trip to a Born Free program – we can promise you that there is a difference. Even if it is not apparent at first look. We challenge you to find a better value then the trips we offer.